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Top Food Trends of 2018 for Your Bento Box

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food trends of 2018 for your bento box

Have you tried these food fads?

It’s that time of year when top food companies release their predictions for what will be the top food trends of 2018. Though there are many delicious, creative and interesting food trends coming our way, not all of these are conducive for a bento box lunch.

We sifted through lists from GrubHub, Whole Foods, Pinterest, Supermarket News and the National Restaurant Association to find the best new food trends you can try in your bento box. These results are based on foods that were gaining popularity in 2017, as well as new items expected to gain momentum this year.

These are the predicted popular food trends of 2018 that can be delicious additions to your lunch!

  • Lettuce chicken wraps: These can help you break free from a sandwich rut. Plus, replacing bread wraps with lettuce eliminates unnecessary carbs.
  • Poke: This raw fish salad, popular in Hawaiian cuisine, is making its way to a mainstream food trend in 2018.
  • Roasted cauliflower: We’re no stranger to roasted veggies, but cauliflower will be taking over this year.
  • Kimchi fries: We’re always a fan of loaded french fries, and this Korean-inspired side dish would be a treat in your bento box.
  • Cinnamon buns: Do we need to say anything more? Psst… try this delicious healthier version.
  • Pumpkin soup: Pumpkin-flavored foods are not going away any time soon, but this is one we can definitely get behind. Add it in your bento jar to keep it warm until lunch!
  • Brisket sandwich: BBQ dishes are stepping up this year, with brisket seeing a more than 50% rise in popularity in 2017.
  • Vegan desserts: We’ll never say no to dessert. This year, you’ll start seeing more desserts made with vegan ingredients!
  • Super powders: Super powders, like matcha, acai and spirulina will be popping up more in 2018.

There were also food concepts that were mentioned in some of these lists that we’re especially excited about, including food waste reduction, backyard gardens and vegetable carb substitutes.


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