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Tips for Healthier Children from Simple.Healthy.Well Blog

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healthier children

3 best tips for cutting out junk food!

Eleanor, the blogger and holistic health coach from shared on her blog that one of her new year’s resolutions was to be more disciplined at feeding her kids healthy foods. This is definitely a resolution we can get behind!

She shares her three best tips to get your kids to eat healthy foods:

  1. Be a teacher. Describe to your kids what is junk food and why it is delicious and not nutritious. You can teach them (on their level) why your body needs nutritious food to grow, repair and feel good. Show them what natural foods are, where they come from and why they are essential to proper digestion and growth. If you start planting the seeds of healthy choices, they will be more likely to choose them when they have a choice.
  2. Encourage water drinking. This goes for the whole family, by the way. More water drinking leads to tons of benefits to digestion and helps to cut down on the constant snack requests. Cutting out sugary juice, soda and others will have a tremendous impact on behavior, sleep habits and well being.
  3. Have them pack their own lunches (but make sure they have the healthy choices to pick). I have taught my children to pick a protein, a healthy carb, a fruit and veggie and also one additional item of their choice. Some ways to help with the portion control would be to get a lunch box that has pre-portioned areas that will teach them about portion size.

Eleanor uses our emoji bento box to help with her resolution. Check out the original post on here.


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