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Spread the Love With This Valentine’s Day Bento Box

2018-02-14By BentologyNo CommentsFacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest

valentine's day bento box

Made with love.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope everyone has a day filled with lots of love and laughter. It’s the perfect day to show your little ones how much you care. This Valentine’s Day bento box is made with love and includes all of our favorite healthy treats.

To make this bento box, use a heart waffler (we love this one from CucinaPro) to make heart-shaped waffles. Break apart the waffles, then spread some almond butter and jelly on one side. Place another section on top to make these heart sandwiches.

You can cut your strawberries into heart shapes by cutting a wedge to take the stems off. For the veggies, thinly slice cucumbers and rainbow carrots. We used a heart cookie cutter to form the shapes, then swapped out the middle of each veggie. The result is a delicious and cute round heart accent!

We used the same heart cookie cutter to cut some of the wax off of our Babybel cheese, and paired it with some pretzels (bonus points if you can find heart-shaped pretzels!)

Lastly, we filled our magenta bento divider with some extra treats for this special day- gummy bears and of course, a heart-shaped truffle!

Don’t forget to include a sweet note in your Valentine’s Day bento box to show a little extra love today ❤

valentine's day bento box


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