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Benefits of Avocados

Surprising Benefits of Avocados

This superfood continues to amaze us

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Dirty dozen

You Should Be Buying These Organic Foods

These “Dirty Dozen” foods contain the most pesticides!

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Detox salad

A Week’s Worth of Salad Recipes

Happy National Salad Month!

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Mother's Day

Bring Some Color to Your Mother’s Day Lunch

These veggie spring rolls are sure to be a hit

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Bentology Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We celebrated with these build-your-own nachos.

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Sleep deprivation weight gain

Could Lack of Sleep Be Affecting Your Weight?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Sleep expert Ingrid Preuher has the answers.

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Star Wars lunch

May the Fourth Be With You With This Star Wars Themed Lunch

Send your kid off to school with the coolest lunch!

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Diet superfoods

Best Superfoods for Weight Loss

Some of the best superfoods for weight loss are also the tastiest!

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Chia seed pudding

Benefits of Chia Seeds & How to Incorporate Them Into Everyday Meals

Though these tiny black seeds may not look like much, chia seeds pack a powerful punch of vitamins and nutrients. Chia seeds are one of …

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Pinterest food fails

Long Week? Check Out These #FailFriday Mishaps

Happy Friday! At Bentology, we know how difficult it is to come up with creative and yummy foods ideas every week that your family will …

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Fruit infused water

Benefits of Fruit Infused Water & GIVEAWAY

Staying hydrated is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, yet studies show that two-thirds of Americans don’t drink enough water. With the recommended amount …

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Soy foods

Happy Soy Foods Month! Try This Delicious Glazed Tofu Dish

April is Soy Foods Month, so we decided to try our hand at cooking with tofu. Soy foods are a healthy protein source for meat-less …

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Foods to eat before and after workout

Try These Foods After Your Next Workout

While exercising is extremely important in helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the food you choose to eat is just as important. Whether you choose …

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Portion perfect weight loss kit

Why Healthy Food Blogger Krysten from Krysten’s Kitchen Loves Portion Perfect

We want to thank our friend Krysten from Krysten’s Kitchen for recently featuring our Portion Perfect products on her blog. In her post, she wrote about why she …

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Earth Day Healthier cookies

Celebrate Earth Day With These Healthy Sweet Treats

Earth Day is tomorrow, and we’re celebrating with these sweet treats. This recipe has been circulating around as a popular Earth Day cookie for some …

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Meditation for beginners

Try These Meditation Tips for Beginners

At Bentology, we’re dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle in whatever ways we can. You’ve probably heard that meditation has its benefits, including less anxiety, …

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