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The Most Refreshing Flavor-Infused Ice Cubes

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flavor-infused ice cubes

Your new favorite summertime drink

We’ve talked about the benefits of fruit-infused water, but we’re taking it up a notch this week with flavor-infused ice cubes. In the heat of the summer, staying hydrated is key to regulating your body temperature, staying energized and even reducing fatigue.

By freezing your favorite fruits or herbs, you can create a refreshing and mess-free beverage without any added sugar or artificial ingredients. You’ll be effortlessly adding in a nutritious boost of antioxidants and vitamins.

You’ll also save time if you prep them ahead- no spending time cutting up ingredients when you’re craving a sweet fix. Just grab some from the freezer and you’re good to go!

Our favorite flavor combination is muddled strawberries with thyme and a hint of lemon juice. Try freezing watermelon, blueberries or lemons and experimenting with different add-ins.

Here are some of our other favorites:

  • Lemon, ginger and green tea
  • Lime and mint
  • Crushed grapefruit
  • Chai tea cubes (perfect in milk with a dash of cinnamon!)
  • Cucumber and sage

flavored ice cubes

You can use these in your water bottle for the gym, a breakfast smoothie, and they even look great in a pitcher full of water for summer dinner parties. Add these ice cubes to seltzer or unsweetened ice tea for an extra flavor boost!

We packed ours in our insulated bento jar to keep it cool on the go!

fruit ice cubes


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