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Kids’ Perfect Takeaway Supper

2017-03-17By Bentology TeamNo CommentsFacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest

supper or dinner to go on the way to school practice broccoli, pasta bows, and raw almonds make a perfect bento box

Keep on top of your meal portions. Pack one for yourself, too.

For between school and practice, or anywhere you need a quick meal—pop it in their bento box set and take dinner to go.

This is a typical supper we feed our kids in the late afternoon or early evening—with a light dinner later on after they get home.

And sometimes, with back-to-back practices, it's got to be on the move. They eat in the car.


  • Pasta, cooked, al dente, drained, buttered and salted
  • Broccoli, simmered for 4 minutes
  • Raw, unsalted almonds

Keep foods separated with a pop of color in one of our silicone bento dividers, and keep them—and your car—clean with an organic cotton napkin or two. Eat on the way, or in between, our kids like to practice their lines or read from their homework en route, while munching on supper as if it was a snack.

TIP:  This is also a great way to keep on top of your perfect portions. Pack one for yourself, too.


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