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The Perfect Snow Day Bento Box

2018-01-04By BentologyNo CommentsFacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest

snow day bento box

Don’t forget your mittens!

A bomb cyclone sounds pretty bad, but we can’t complain about having a snow day! If you’re on the East Coast, chances are you’re at home today snuggling on the couch or crossing things off of your to-do list.

If your little ones are playing outside today, this bento box will keep them satisfied and full of energy. It only takes a few minutes to make (and your kids can probably make it themselves)!

For this bento box, we made a quick snowman sandwich by cutting whole grain bread into circles (if you don’t have cookie cutters, use small glasses to trace the circles!) We topped our sandwiches with turkey and cheese. The snowman’s eyes, mouth and buttons are made with dried craisins. He’s finished off with a thin apple slice for the scarf.

Our large container is filled with a bit of leftover pasta and steamed green beans. The medium container is filled with raspberries and topped with some snowflake sprinkles. We also added in a small treat of Hershey kisses in our small container.
Pack it all to go in your owl bento kit and hand it to your kids on their way out to play. When they get hungry during their snow day, they won’t even have to trudge their snowy feet inside to eat it 🙂


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