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New Year’s Resolution: Portion Control

2018-01-02By BentologyNo CommentsFacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest

new year's resolution portion control

Start with this perfectly portioned lunch!

Hello 2018! We're so excited for what this year will bring. Our New Year's resolution usually has something to do with focusing on a new perspective and making small changes for a healthier lifestyle. This year, we're putting all of our effort into packing healthy lunches using portion control.

For this bento box, we packed our Portion Perfect box with an asparagus salad with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. Next, we made a festive tree by slicing the ends off of snap peas and cutting a carrot into a star. We placed them on a skewer to keep them together! This is paired with a side of hummus in our small container.

In our other medium box, we cooked brown rice and topped it with a piece of baked salmon. Lastly, we added in some apples for a sweet snack.

We want to help you stick to your New Year's resolution and make packing a healthy lunch easier. From now until the end of January, use code Portion20 on website orders of our Portion Perfect kits for 20 percent off!

Do you have any other New Year's resolutions for healthy eating? Share them with us in the comments or by tagging us on our social media!


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