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Staff Spotlight: Our Founder, Tammy Shares Her Lunch Personality

2017-12-04By BentologyNo CommentsFacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest

Tammy lunch personality

See how our staff packs their bento box!

We like to think that every person has a lunch personality: how they pack their lunch, which colors they gravitate towards and how they express themselves with their bento box.

We love when our followers share their bento boxes with us. It always inspires us and helps us come up with creative ways to pack our own bento boxes!

In today’s staff spotlight our founder, Tammy, shares her lunch personality.

A few things about Tammy...

How do you express yourself? I express myself through cooking delicious meals, fashion and music.
What inspires you? Nature!
What makes you unique? I founded a company, I’m a cowgirl at heart, I love to snowboard and surf and I am an avid reader.
What is your lunch personality? I’m a salad kind of gal. It’s the meal that I try to pack in the greens and it keeps me feeling full until dinner time so I don’t resort to mid-afternoon snacking.
Tammy packs her bento box in the turquoise sleeve and keeps it cool until lunchtime with the paisley cool pack. What’s your lunch personality?


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