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Five-Minute Bento Box Lunch

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five-minute bento box

No time? No problem!

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for parents. Between planning for holiday parties, buying gifts, wrapping gifts, visiting relatives and decorating the house, there’s barely any time left for the everyday chores we have to do! Don’t let lunch stress you out, too. Next time you’re in a time crunch, send your kids off to school with this five-minute bento box.

Even if you didn’t have time to grocery shop, you’ll probably already have most of these items in your kitchen. To make our bento box, we took Ritz crackers and made mini sandwiches with turkey slices and cheese.

quick bento box

For some veggies, we added carrot chips and snap peas with a side of hummus in our small bento container. We packed some applesauce with a pinch of sprinkles to bring a pop of color and fun to this lunch. Lastly, we added in a clementine in our bento divider and some Hershey kisses for a treat!
Just like this five-minute bento box, our turquoise bento sleeve is simple and easy to pack. What are your best tricks for packing lunches under a time crunch?


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