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Surprise Your Kids With a Festive Holiday Bento Box

2017-12-19By Bentology2 CommentsFacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest

holiday bento box

Filled with lots of holiday cheer!

With Christmas less than a week away, we’re filled to the brim with holiday cheer. You can share your cheer with this simple, easy-to-make holiday bento box. Your kids will feel like they’re unwrapping a special gift when they reveal what’s inside!

To make this holiday bento box, first we started with our fruit santas. Slice the stem off of your strawberries and thinly slice a banana. Starting with a mini marshmallow, stick a toothpick through the strawberry and banana into a green grape.

Next, we made our frosty face by forming sticky rice into a ball. Using tweezers, we placed sesame seeds on for eyes and a mouth. His nose is a thinly sliced carrot. For his hat, we cut a thin slice off of the bottom of an olive and wrapped it around the rest of the olive to form the brim.

Our cute penguins are formed by slicing a large carrot and cutting a thin wedge for the feet. Then, cut a thin slit in one olive and fill it with cream cheese. Take the thin carrot wedge you sliced off the feet and attach it to another olive with a toothpick. Stick a small skewer through both olives and the carrot, then place a half of a cherry tomato on top. To finish it off, use a piping bag full of cream cheese to add the trim on their santa hats!

Lastly, create a Rudolph sandwich by cutting two slices of bread into heart shapes. Use the sandwich filling of your choice. For the antlers, break a pretzel in half and stick them partly into the sandwich.
And of course, we included candy canes in our small bento container for that extra holiday treat!


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