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Improving Your Diet: The HealthPoint System

The HealthPoint System

The HealthPoint System has been designed as an incentive for children to eat a more nutritious diet.

  • Begin by explaining the program to your children. Look together at the HealthPoint Chart below and discuss each category together. Decide on a collective family point goal and choose a special family reward for achieving that goal. Some possibilities include renting a family video, or going to a museum, play convert, or family movie. Take a hike together, plan a special meal together, or go out to a restaurant that serves nutritious food.
  • Each person in the family receives one point for each nutritious food eaten, four points for each day without junk food, and four points for each day that they are physically active.
  • Encourage all family members to keep track of what they eat and to encourage and support one another.
  • Continue the program until you feel that everyone in the family is working together to eat well.

The HealthPoint Chart

Bentology HealthPoint Chart

Download a copy of The HealthPoint System to use with your family!