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Should You Be Eating Fermented Foods?

2018-01-22By BentologyNo CommentsFacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest

fermented foods

Our gut reaction says yes.

The trend of fermented foods has been steadily growing in popularity and is one of the predicted top food trends for 2018. This may be because of their reputation for promoting good gut health by increasing healthy bacteria in your body.

Fermented foods often have a boosted nutritional value and can actually help your body absorb the nutrients from other healthy foods in your diet. These probiotic foods can also help with digestive issues.

Fermentation happens when live bacteria break down the components in your food, like sugar or starch, to make them easier to digest. This process of creating lactic acid is called “lactofermentation.”

Fermented foods have many benefits aside from the digestive help they can provide. Fermented foods can be preserved for longer without losing their nutrients. They’re also relatively cheap to buy, and even cheaper to make yourself.

Some popular fermented foods you can try include:

  • Kombucha (fermented sweet tea)
  • Yogurt
  • Kimchi (a condiment made of pickled veggies)
  • Sauerkraut
  • Tempeh
  • Kefir (fermented milk beverage)

As with any diet changes, be sure to speak to your doctor before trying something new. If you do decide to start eating fermented foods, you may experience gas, bloating or changes in your bowel habits in the first few weeks as your body adjusts. If fermented foods just aren't your thing, you can also take probiotics in pill form. Check out gummy probiotics for your kids, too!


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