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Should You Eat A High Fiber Diet?

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Make sure you’re reaping its benefits

We all try to make sure we have a well-balanced diet including all vitamins and minerals, but what about fiber? It turns out that most people struggle with their fiber intake and only get about 15 grams of fiber each day, compared to the recommended dose of 25-35 grams a day.

There are two types of fiber that should be included in your diet:

  1. Soluble: Soluble fiber commonly dissolves in water and it can be found in foods like fruits, vegetables, oats and wheat.
  2. Insoluble: This is different from soluble fiber because it typically exits the body unchanged. It’s found in foods like nuts, seeds and celery.

There are many health benefits that come with the intake of fiber. First, it can reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease. Studies show that people (mostly women) who consume high amounts of fiber are less likely to experience heart attacks and other cardiac events than those who consume low amounts.

Diabetics and people struggling with weight loss also benefit from a high fiber diet. For diabetics, fiber slows down the absorption of glucose in the bloodstream. This helps the individual with diabetes to prevent headaches, nausea and fatigue due to random spikes and dips in blood sugar.

For weight loss, fiber is an excellent go-to if you’re looking to shed a few pounds. If you consume a high amount of fiber throughout the day, it gives the feeling of fullness, which in turn can help you to cut down on snacking.

Last but not least, a high fiber diet is great for people with digestive issues. It allows stool to pass through the body easily, which can also decrease the risk of toxins being reabsorbed by the body. If you are having this issue, try to increase your fiber intake as a natural solution.

These foods are very high in fiber, so try to include them in your meals throughout the day!

  • Brown rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Celery
  • Chia and flax seeds
  • Apples, pears and mangos
  • Almonds
  • Black beans, red beans and garbanzo beans
  • Berries


Clearly, a lot of good fiber is found mostly in whole grains and fruits. This is the perfect snack to to pack in the medium lidded container of the Bentology set.

If you are still having problems, consult with your doctor on how you can get more fiber into your diet.



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