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Creative Lunch Ideas That Aren’t Sandwiches

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creative lunch ideas that aren't sandwiches

We can help you out of the sandwich rut

We hear you: packing lunches day after day can get tiring and well, downright boring. This is especially true when you’re packing the same thing day after day. Luckily, in all of our time packing bento boxes, we’ve come up with some creative lunch ideas that aren’t sandwiches!

Next time you go to make the same PB & J or ham sandwich you make everyday, swap it out for one of these ideas instead. We promise your kids will appreciate unboxing something new and full of personality!

Here are some of our best creative lunch ideas:


  • Kebabs: You can still have all of the yummy ingredients that go into a sandwich, but repurpose them in a different way. Try placing them on skewers to make your own kebabs, like these chicken pesto kebabs!
  • Tuna salad: Tuna is a lunch staple that will stay good for a long time in the pantry and is always ready when you are. Try this wintry tuna salad for a dose of nutrition during the colder months.
  • Crepes: We don’t usually think about packing crepes for lunch, but they’re so easy to make and the filling possibilities are endless! Whether you go sweet or savory, this meal is sure to be a hit.
  • Cracker and cheese sandwiches: These may still be categorized as sandwiches, but it’s still a refreshing change from the normal bread sandwiches we’ve grown accustomed to. Bonus: you can make this bento box in 5 minutes!
  • Soup: There are so many delicious soups that make for healthy and hearty lunches. Try one of our favorite vegan soups or go for the classic chicken noodle. Pack them into your bento jar to keep them warm until lunch!
  • Tacos: Everybody loves taco bars, so why not transition this idea to your bento box? Fill each container in our bento box set with a different part of the taco for a fun, interactive meal!


How do you stay out of the sandwich rut?


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