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Balance Your Lunch With This Rainbow Bento Box

2018-03-07By BentologyNo CommentsFacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest

rainbow bento box

Lots of color = lots of nutrients!

You’ve heard it before: your meals should have lots of color in them! If you’re eating a variety of colors in your fruits and veggies, then you’re also getting a variety of nutrients. Not to mention, a rainbow bento box is so much more fun to eat!

This bento box is also perfect for picky eaters, as kids are more likely to try foods that are different colors. It’s so easy to put a smile on your little one’s face with this simple bento box.

To recreate this rainbow bento box, start with fresh raspberries and strawberries. Add in a clementine flower in your orange bento divider, and adorn the fruits with our cute nature food picks!

Next up, make kabobs by alternating pieces of grilled chicken, yellow peppers and yellow cherry tomatoes on a skewer. Continue the rainbow pattern with snap peas and guacamole. We added in some blue corn chips for dipping as well!

Finish off your creation with applesauce or yogurt, topped with rainbow sprinkles. We packed it all to go in our turquoise bento box kit.

This lunch is sure to brighten anyone’s day!



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