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Happy National Almond Day! Make This Dino-mite Lunch

2018-02-16By BentologyNo CommentsFacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest

national almond day dinosaur lunch

Made with delicious almond butter.

It’s National Almond Day! Almonds are a great alternative for people who have peanut allergies, and they’re perfect for when you want something filling. Plus, they’re a great source of protein, which keeps you feeling satisfied longer.

To make this dino-mite lunch, slice a bagel into quarters and cut thin slices to use for the legs. Spread almond butter on one of the quarters. This will become the body of your dinosaur.

Then, slice a banana in half. Unpeel it, then slice it in half again long-ways. Use this piece as the head of the dinosaur. Use a mini chocolate chip to make the eye. With the other half of the banana, cut thin slices to place on top of the bagel. Cut a long, thin slice to use for the tail.

Take more thin slices of the bagel to form the trunk of the palm tree. Slice a kiwi into thin strips to form the leaves of the tree and the shrubs at the bottom. We used green beans for the grass.

Lastly, use almonds to create accents on your creation! We added some spikes onto our dinosaur, as well as a coconut hanging from our palm tree.

Letting your creativity shine through during lunchtime is not only fun, but it also encourages picky eaters to try new foods!

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national almond day


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