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Bentology's Story

Bentology (formerly Laptop Lunches Bento-ware) was founded by California mom Tammy Pelstring in the winter of 2001. Located in Santa Cruz, CA, the company was established under Obentec Inc. with the mission of helping families improve lunchtime nutrition while reducing waste. Their first bento-ware collection was geared at school-aged children, but it was not long until teachers and parents alike took to the meal containers for their own needs. Today, the company has been embraced by both families and individuals who want to improve their lifestyle through healthy eating, better nutrition and thoughtful design.

Tammy’s call to action took place when her children first entered school. She observed the poor quality school lunches that were highly processed and laden with fat, sodium and sugar. The excessive packaging and wasteful single-use containers that filled the trashcans after lunch were equally alarming. At the same time national headlines on childhood obesity, poor nutrition, and the impact of landfill waste were inundating the news. It became clear that busy parents needed a solution for packing wholesome, low-waste meals that were convenient and affordable. The birth of the Laptop Lunches collection gave families a fun and effective mealtime system.

In March 2015 with the rebranding of the company as Bentology, they continue their efforts of supporting families and individuals at every age to maintain a nutritious lifestyle. With a greater focus on design and ultimate usability, Bentology has expanded its product portfolio that inspires healthy eating through Bento Living. The newly launched website,, serves as a destination for customers to explore recipes and discover tools that make healthy living more accessible. The collection is perfect for school, work, play, travel, take out and portion control. Learn how Eating by Design, Entertaining by Design and Cooking by Design is made simple at