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7 Delicious and Unique Ways to Make Your Own Hummus

2018-01-16By BentologyNo CommentsFacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest

make your own hummus

Hummus is yummus!

We’re big fans of hummus. It’s a healthy and delicious source of protein to add into your bento box. You can also make your own hummus at home; pretty much all you need is a food processor and your choice of ingredients!

To make your own hummus, start with a bean base. Usually, hummus will have Tahini, a roasted sesame paste, olive oil, lemon or lime juice and the spices of your choice.

We’ll never get bored of hummus because there are so many different flavors and ways to eat it.

Try these 7 delicious and unique recipes to make your own hummus:

  • Carrot hummus: This recipe combines carrots with the chickpea base usually used for hummus. Try it for a slightly spicy, nutty-tasting hummus!
  • Roasted garlic kale hummus: Calling all garlic lovers: this is the hummus recipe for you. By adding kale to the hummus, you’ll also be adding more nutrients to this healthy snack.
  • Black bean hummus: Use this recipe for a fiber-rich and healthy snack. The black beans and spices give it a Mexican flavor with an extra (optional) kick!
  • Avocado hummus: This yummy dip is like a mix between guacamole and hummus. Blend avocado with chickpeas to make this creamy recipe.
  • Edamame and pea hummus: This recipe from Just a Taste uses edamame as the base. Use it for a veggie dip or spread it on a sandwich for a healthy condiment.
  • Beet hummus: This bright-red hummus is as pretty as it is delicious. With beets as the base, you’ll be reaping all of their benefits as well.
  • Everything white bean hummus: How can you go wrong with a hummus modeled after an everything bagel? With white beans as the base, you can enjoy this dip guilt-free!


What’s your favorite type of hummus to make?


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