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5 Lunch Tips From a Busy Mom

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Check out these tips from our guest blogger from Life on Manitoulin

Our guest blogger, Christina, from Life on Manitoulin knows how difficult it can be to pack a lunch her daughter will eat and actually enjoy. She shares her tips on how she packs sandwich-less lunches her daughter, who she calls Little One, is eager to eat.

Here are Christine’s Top 5 School Lunch Tips:

  • Get your kids involved in packing their lunches!  I usually set out a variety of lunch items (fruit, veggies, etc) and Little One picks what she wants in her lunch (from the items offered to her).  This way, she cannot say that she didn’t want a certain food item, because she was the one who picked it.  Also, if she is choosing from what is offered, there is no risk of her choosing junk.
  • Create a menu together.  Gather your kids’ favorite recipes and meals and make a binder together.  If you want, you can even hop on Pinterest together and “pin” some fun kids’ school lunches ideas. If kids are involved in making their lunches, they are more likely to want to eat their creations.
  • Leftovers are your best friend.  If your kid absolutely loves shepherd’s pie or lasagna, send them to school with that for lunch!  Little One loves leftovers.  In fact, she isn’t much of a sandwich kid, so leftovers really make my life easier!
  • Practice “half your plate” – Set out a variety of fruits and vegetables and make sure your kids fill their lunchboxes with lots of fruits and veggies, all colors of the rainbow!  IF you are giving your child a treat, a little treat is sufficient.  After all, a treat is just that…a treat!  It’s something you don’t get every day.
  • Use a bento style lunchbox, so all your child’s food is presented in front of him/her.  Some of Little One’s friends got bento boxes like hers last year because their parents saw her lunches on social.  One mom told me that her child was not eating all her lunch because she had so many containers to open and sometimes didn’t even realize she had certain items because she did not notice them.  Now that she uses a bento, she sees all of her food and knows what’s in her lunchbox.

life on manitoulin

View her original post on Life on Manitoulin to see her ideas for 10 creative, easy school lunches and enter to win her giveaway, which includes a prize from Bentology!


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