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10 Quick and Easy Kitchen Clean-up Tips

2018-02-13By BentologyNo CommentsFacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest

kitchen clean-up tips

How to clean your kitchen in under 60 seconds.

Whether we like it or not, a majority of us spend most of our time in the kitchen (especially when we’re packing our bento boxes!) However, this room is largely overlooked when it comes time to clean the house. In today’s post, we’re sharing our best 10 quick and easy kitchen clean-up tips.

Each of these quick clean-ups only takes about 60 seconds or less, so you can do them while multitasking, like waiting for food to heat up in the microwave!

  1. Clean an appliance: Wipe down the inside and outside of any of your kitchen appliances, including the dishwasher, oven, toaster or microwave. These appliances often get overlooked, but sometimes are the dirtiest places.
  2. Change towels: You should frequently change your kitchen towels to avoid spreading germs and bacteria. This simple task will help keep your family healthy!
  3. Sweep the floor: A quick sweep of your kitchen in between vacuuming or mopping days can make a huge difference in the appearance of your kitchen. Focus on areas around where you eat or prepare food, as these are most likely the dirtiest.
  4. Wipe down the countertop: Disinfecting your countertop every few days can help prevent the spread of germs and keep food from sticking to surfaces.
  5. Clean out the fridge: Okay, we admit it: it would take longer than 60 seconds to clean out our fridge, but it’s enough time to do a once-over, throw out any questionable leftovers and wipe down the shelves.
  6. File mail: Are you guilty of throwing piles of mail on your countertop and forgetting about it? Take a few seconds to sift through it, throw out any junk mail and file away important mail.
  7. Wipe down the faucet: This is a task that will take maybe 10 seconds, but it makes a huge difference in the appearance of your kitchen. You don’t realize how much time you spend using it until it’s clean!
  8. Put away dishes: Piled-up dishes are the biggest culprits for a cluttered kitchen. If there are clean dishes, dry them and put them away. Load any dirty dishes into the dishwasher.
  9. Wipe down forgotten places: Take some time to wipe down door knobs, appliance handles, light switches, the telephone and the TV remote. These places are often forgotten, but can easily get cross-contaminated with the amount of cooking you do on a daily basis.
  10. Take out the trash: If the trash or recycling is full, we’ll often let bottles pile up on the counter. Make sure to take the trash out if it’s full to avoid even more clutter in your kitchen!


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